"He who fails to plan, is planning to fail."

                     - Winston Churchill
Periodization is the process of changing a hockey players training program throughout the course of an entire calendar year, so that the player works on specific needs at the most advantageous time of the year.  This process is the corner stone of the Russian training system.  

A well designed training program is planned out over the entire year, with different phases.  Each phase focuses on a different area.  It is impossible for a hockey player to train for all things at the same time.  This will lead to over training of the player which can eventually lead to loss of coordination, depression, and potential injury.   

For example it would be counter productive for a player to be lifting weights to gain strength, especially in the legs, during the season.  Doing this would make the player too tired to perform effectively.  This type of training is something that is better done in the summer portion of a hockey players training program.  However weight training to maintain the strength that a player has worked hard to develop in the "Spring Conditioning" and "Summer Conditioning" phases of their training; should be a part of the players "In Season" phase of his year round periodization program.

Applied Hockey Science provides personalized periodization programs that are custom tailored to your specific needs and goals.  This allows you to not only get the the most from your training, it also allows you to get the most from your body !  

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